15 January 2018

MOUNTAIN 4.0: a future to build together

A meeting of Mountain 4.0 which aims to stimulate thought on a large-scale enhancement of mountain areas and was organized by the Municipality of Bormio, was held on Thursday, 18th January at 5.00 p.m., in the Conference Room of Bormio Terme.

Mountains are areas that require policies capable of enhancing their riches and unique charactersitics. To achieve this goal it is necessary to work together, creating a network that values ​​innovation and sustainability through local assets. It is therefore important to reason according to a logic of innovation of a widespread, articulated and networking system, for an open “innovation community  that develops by forming a network of relationships based on the territory but open to outside factors.

Entrepreneurship and system innovation in the Alpine area, networks and opportunities for the mountains” is the title of the meeting to which Anna Giorgi of UNIMONT – University of Milan, Leader of Action group 1 – EUSALP Research and Innovation was invited to contribute on issues of networking and innovation, thanks to her academic-scientific approach together with the use of best practices obtained from interaction with the territory.

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