18 February 2014

International Plant Science Conference (IPSC)

The IPSC conference is organized by Società Botanica Italiana but has the ambition to bring together the International scientific community involved in the study of plants, ecology and environment.

It will encompass the following areas of interest organized in 4 different symposia which on the whole will provide scope to plant biologists to share knowledge and exchange their experimental expertise.

A panel of invited speakers will become shortly visible with the second conference announcement.

Florence, 2 – 5 September 2014

The main objective of IPSC “from Nature to Technological Exploitations” is to discuss recent advances in botanical research. In every field of plant science there has been a considerable development as consequence of the rapid progress made in the areas of molecular biology in general and genomics, proteomics, metabolomics in particular. Several endangered plant species must be investigated and light must be shed on their life cycle to frame a suitable conservation strategy. Plants provide food, shelter, pure oxygen for life, cleaner environment and everything is necessary to man for survival.

Società Botanica Italiana Award Lecture: Leadership Among Young Italian Plant Biologists

  • Topic I: Global Change, Biodiversity and Adaptation
  • Topic II: Plant and Cell Biology
  • Topic III: Biotechnology and Natural Resources
  • Topic IV: Landscape and Vegetation
  • Topic V: Historic Gardens and Vegetation

Info are available here.

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