2 August 2022

From Edolo to Innsbruck: UNIMONT contributes at the International Mountain Conference 2022

The International Mountain Conference will be held from 11th to 15th September in Innsbruck, Austria, and UNIMONT, University of Milan Centre, will preside over two discussion sessions.

The International Mountain Conference (IMC), in which more than 70 discussion sessions and workshops will be held, will focus on mountain research. The IMC will be an opportunity for experts from different disciplines to discuss mountain-related issues in an interdisciplinary environment.

The first discussion session held by the UNIMONT team, led by Prof. Anna Giorgi, will be entitled What governance for mountain areas ? Case studies from European countries and will examine how different European countries, with a substantial portion of the surface occupied by mountain territories, address the issue of sustainable development in mountain areas. The session is organized in collaboration with Bernat Claramunt-Lopez, CREAF Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Andreja Borec, of the University of Maribor.

Traditional horticultural landraces as innovative solutions for mountain agriculture” is the title of the second session held by the UNIMONT team. The purpose of the session will be to explain agrobiodiversity and the importance of describing and mapping mountain horticultural agrobiodiversity for the development of mountain territories.


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