22 January 2024

Education meets the Mountains with the Master’s Degree Course in “Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE, integrating theory, practice, and the unique context of mountain territories into a comprehensive program

The English-language Master’s Degree Course “Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE offers a distinctive, multidisciplinary, and “glocal” training experience, blending local perspectives with an international outlook.


Sara Panseri, Associate Professor at the University of Milan and UNIMONT Campus lecturer, highlights the importance of the “Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” – MOUNTAINSIDE Master’s Degree program, emphasizing that “its highly interdisciplinary approach centres on key themes crucial for the competitive development of mountain regions. Specific courses train students and provide them with the opportunity to directly engage with mountain territories throughout the two-year study period. An example of this is the focus on enhancing the value of mountain products, including in sectors such as beekeeping and dairy production, which are vital reservoirs of biodiversity. These sectors, while already significant, must embrace strong innovative elements to foster real and competitive production systems, elevating mountain excellence.

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