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From aromatic plants to essential oils: cultivation, distillation and uses

10/07/2018 07:07

From 3rd to 7th September in Fanano (MO) in the Apennines there will be the Summer School, “FROM AROMATIC PLANTS TO ESSENTIAL OILS: cultivation, distillation and uses”, organized by the Società dei Naturalisti e Matematici of Modena under the patronage of UNIMORE, Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and the Emilia Romagna Region.

The Summer School aims to train experts in the cultivation of aromatic plants, in their identification, in the extraction of essential oils, and to provide knowledge on their areas of use, from the preservation of the nutritional characteristics of food products, to the prevention of diseases in man and animals, to fighting plant pathogens. All this must be tackled by conserving and protecting aromatic plants, also through the valorization of species, biodiversity heritage, and an adequate monitoring of the quality of the whole production chain, from selection to cultivation in the field, from transformation to the control of activities and residues.

The choice of offering this School in the Apennines aims to bring young people to the discovery and knowledge of the opportunities provided by the sector of the production and transformation of quality plant products, cultivable in the mountains, reconciling the protection of environmental resources with good prospects for economic development.

The School is open to students and graduates in Science Studies Courses and can be accredited among the “Additional training activities”.

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