12 July 2023

COWORCare project: a map of coworking spaces for alpine areas

If you are a coworker, run a coworking space or a private care institution, or are interested in coworking and coworkation, we need your help: take part in the survey and help us improve the map.

As part of the European project “COWORCare. Coworking with children&elderly in the Alps, the UNIMONT Centre of the University of Milan is launching a map to census, in the rural and mountain areas of the Alps, the spaces of coworking, coworkation and coworcare, and the private care institutes surrounding them in a radius of 10km. The project is aimed at families and women working in the mountain and rural areas of the EUSALP area to support parenthood and the care of dependent elderly relatives to improve the quality of working life and reduce commuting.

The COWORCare map was conceived as a participatory and constantly evolving tool based on a citizen science approach: anyone navigating it can suggest new spaces or care institutions by clicking on “create a new space” the space will be published on the map after careful verification by the UNIMONT team that it is consistent with project objectives. The map is in an experimental phase at the moment: during this period, mapping operations will continue, and user feedback will be collected.

For more information, see the project’s homepage, which includes a glossary of terms for better understanding.


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