4 July 2022

A-RING – Alpine Research and Innovation Capacity Governance

Newsletter 3, June 2022

The main objective of the A-RING project, leader by the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods of the University of Milan, was to align priorities in the research and innovation sector of the regions included in the Alpine Macroregion (EUSALP – EU Strategy for the Alpine Region) with the aim of promoting thematic collaborations at transnational level.

Dear Readers, with the third edition of A-RING newsletter we are pleased to share with you the highlights of the project final public event, which was held at the University of Milan on 31st May 2022. This was a great occasion for project partners to present the results of the extensive work that has been conducted over the latest 3 years, while key stakeholders across the Alpine Space had the chance to discuss together about the past and future perspectives of Research & Innovation Smart Specialization Strategies (S3) and investigate the possibility to join efforts for the development of a Shared R&I Agenda for the Alpine Space macro-region.
Various representatives of the research sector, as well as of the business world and Public Authorities gathered to provide inputs and suggestions on how to jointly valorise the regional S3, by introducing strategies and steps to boost the alignment between different R&I policy initiatives and institutional frameworks to effectively address societal challenges and increase the uptake of strengths and assets in R&I. 
The 2nd part of the newsletter is dedicated to a highlight of the latest events. Finally, you will find details about the partnership and the website and social media links, for learning in greater detail about ongoing and finalized activities, as well as about news and upcoming project events.

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