13 March 2017

A delegation of representatives of the Au-tonomous Province of Trento and the agri-cultural and cultural world of Trentino visit the Mountain University

A delegation of representatives of institutions of Trentino Alto-Adige visited the Mountain University in Edolo on Friday, 10th March.

Some representatives of the ‘Office of organic production of the Service of supervision and promotion of the Autonomous Province of Trento, including the Director Federico Bigaran, the Museum of Customs and Traditions of the Trentino People in San Michele all’Adige, including the Director Kezich Giovanni, and the GOEVER Association (Trentino Cereals Ass), including the President Paissan Annarosa, chose to visit the Mountain University in Edolo: the encounter, stemming from the interest shown in Trentino in research carried out by UNIMONT, took place on Friday, 10th March 2017.

The visit with representatives of the Trentino authorities primarily focused on the development of projects related to the cultivation of cereals in mountain areas and the need to create partnerships among those working in the sector. During the meeting the importance of protecting the agro-biodiversity of mountain areas and, in particular, the project for the conservation and valorization of Nero Spinoso Corn conducted by the Mountain University in partnership with local authorities was discussed.

In addition, this meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss the need to educate the younger generations to cultivate and process cereals, themes of great interest both to UNIMONT and to associations such as Ass. Asta Grani del Serio, who are working on these issues. The meeting came to a close with a visit to Mulino Storico Tognali in Esine, an example of how tradition and innovation can lead the way to excellence.

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