28 October 2020

UNIMONT, success story of the municipality of Edolo: a university centre of excellence in the heart of the Alps

The Municipality of Edolo was the focus of “LUOGHI DA AMARE”, a television program dedicated to the presentation of places and territories that contain unique specialties and specificities. This uniqueness also includes UNIMONT – the Mountain University: an innovative research and teaching centre in the heart of the Alps, in Edolo (BS).

Its journey in the community of Edolo, presenting the peculiarities and traditions of the territory, the tourist initiatives and the historical-cultural attractions, also focused on UNIMONT – the Mountain University, centre of excellence of the University of Milan specialized in the study and analysis of the complexities of the mountain territory, active for over 20 years in the Municipality of Edolo, in ValleCamonica (min. 25.00).

An important point of reference for the area, over time UNIMONT has been able to gather the consent and collaboration of local authorities, which have recognized the fundamental role of the Centre for the re-interpretation of mountain areas in an innovative key, through the provision of the Degree Course in “Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas” and numerous Postgraduate Courses.

In addition to teaching, in the  Centre of Applied Studies for the Sustainable Management and Protection of Mountain Areas (Ge.S.Di.Mont.), established in Edolo in 2006, important applied scientific research activity concerning the mountain territory has been developed, providing answers and new solutions to the critical issues of such areas. “The decentralization in the mountains is functional to the goal: UNIMONT is in the mountains because this is the context it wishes to study and relaunch, creating an added value for the whole country …” underlines Prof. Anna Giorgi – Director of the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Centre of Unimont – Centre of Excellence of the University of Milan and President of the Degree Course in “Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas”.

UNIMONT, today, is a lively and active centre within the Municipality of Edolo, full of enthusiasm and young minds able to actively contribute to sustainable development and the promotion of the area in which it is located.


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