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UNIMONT present at the third Annual Forum of the European strategy for the Alpine Region organized by the Lombardy Region

29/11/2019 16:44

28-29 November 2019, Lombardy Region, Milan – UNIMONT – pole of Excellence located in Edolo of the University of Milan actively participated in the third annual forum of the European strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) organized by the Lombardy Region at the conclusion of the Italian presidency year. The UNIMONT pole, active since the beginning of the process in support of the Lombardy Region in the leadership of the Action Group 1, has organized a workshop on the potential of mountains for territorial development, collaborated for the realization of the first EU #MountainHack and taken part in the work of Action Group 1 which aims to develop an effective innovation and research ecosystem.

Two days of meetings, working tables and workshops just took place in Milan at the conclusion of the Italian presidency of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP). UNIMONT, in support of the Lombardy Region in the process of international cooperation for mountain development, has organized a thematic workshop on the role of the mountains for the development of the macro-region, emphasizing the need to dedicate a specific space in the National Strategic Agenda. The workshop, coordinated by Prof. Giorgi – Coordinator of CrC Ge.S.Di.Mont., saw the presence of Francesco Tufarelli – Office Coordinator for urban and mountain policies, institutional modernization and international activity of regional and local autonomies , Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomies – Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Luciano Catani, Department for Higher Education and Research – General Directorate for Coordination, Promotion and Promotion of Research – Uff. VIII, Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR.

As part of the Annual Forum, the first EU #MountainHack was also held, involving 96 students from 32 cities, 10 European regions and 4 Alpine countries in order to find innovative ideas for the development of the mountain territory. The works, coordinated by Lorenzo Micheli, scientific coordinator of the #MountainHack project, are part of a series of Hackathons entirely dedicated to the development of mountain territories, born as part of the Italian Mountain Lab project – FISR, special supplementary fund for research of the MIUR carried out by UNIMONT – pole of Excellence seconded to Edolo of the University of Milan.

The third EUSALP forum ended with a session that highlighted the need for a political commitment to make the macro-strategies the engine for territorial development. The session was attended by Attilio Fontana - President of the Lombardy Region, Giuseppe Conte – President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic and Francesco Boccia – Italian Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies who underlined the urgency of policies dedicated to the mountain territories in order to promote their sustainable development.





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