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UNIMONT takes part at the Macro-Regional Strategies Week organised by the DG Regio of the European Union

20/02/2020 11:23

19-20 February 2020, Brussels, Belgium - UNIMONT – pole of Excellence located in Edolo of the University of Milan took part in the European Week of Macro-regional Strategies. UNIMONT, involved from the beginning of the process – 2016 – supports the Lombardy Region in the leadership of the Action Group 1 - Research & Innovation. Anna Giorgi, director of the UNIMONT Research Center and leader of AG1 presented the priorities and needs for the development of the Research & Innovation ecosystem in the Alpine Region to the managing authorities of the main European funding programs.

The European Commission – DG Regio, organized in Brussels, from 18 to 21 February, the European Week dedicated to the 4 European Macro-regional Strategies currently active. In particular, in the meetings of 19th and 20th of February, the discussion concerned the integration of the priorities of the 9 Action Groups of the European Strategy for the Alpine Macro-Region (EUSALP) in the next European Programming and in the 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy.

Prof. Anna Giorgi, coordinator of the Action Group 1 - Research & Innovation of EUSALP for the Lombardy Region, presented the main activities (including the comparative analysis of specialization strategies – S3 and the Re-Search Alps platform) as well as the outputs of the activities of the last four years of work. In addition, emphasis was put on the need to integrate the priorities of Action Group 1 – Effective Research and Innovation into the next European programming:
1. Facilitate cooperation for research in the Alpine Region by defining synchronized calls between the EUSALP regions on structural funds in the strategic areas for the Alpine Region such as the bioeconomy, energy production, manufacturing and logistics, as well as related issues to the European Green Deal;
2. To encourage exchanges of researchers and strategic alliances between universities in the Alpine Region for research and training on strategic priorities for the macro-region, in the context of measures of the Horizon Europe program;
3. The definition of a strategic plan for the mapping, characterization and enhancement of the agrobiodiversity of the Alpine Region, a common and unique heritage of the EUSALP area especially in mountainous areas. A heritage that can feed economic processes both in mountain and peripheral areas, through the initiation of unique local supply chains and in the food and health industry for the formulation of novel and functional foods.




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