24 October 2022

UNIMONT in the 2021 edition of the University of Milan Sustainability Report

The role of the UNIMONT Campus of the University of Milan, based in Edolo in the heart of the Central Alps, is described as promoting sustainability on page 37 of the 2021 Sustainability Report of the University of Milan.

The Report aims to highlight the activities carried out by theUniversity of Milanregarding environmental and social sustainability and the role of the University in spreading the culture of sustainability through the involvement of internal and local stakeholders, in the context of research, teaching and third mission activities.

The UNIMONT Centre organizes many events to promote the sustainable development of mountain areas, including a significant amount of dissemination activities, also making use of all the methodological, organizational and technological options available. In fact, the seminars, 198 in the last 5 years for an average of one seminar per week, can be used in person, online in streaming via a virtual classroom (in use for over 10 years in UNIMONT) and on-demand from the multimedia section of the unimontagna.it portal.

UNIMONT promotes projects, studies and activities of applied scientific research and technology transfer to innovate methods and tools to tackle the challenge of combining environmental conservation with the valorization processes necessary to counteract the abandonment of mountain areas.



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