31 May 2019


On Thursday 30th May, the UNIMONT Centre of Excellence –  Mountain University, Edolo campus of the University of Milan was invited to the session of the special “Montagna” Commission, chaired by Dr. Spelzini – at the headquarters of the Regional Council – in order to illustrate the theme “Youth and business for the relaunch of mountain areas – the results of a study on  Lombardy mountain areas“.

After a presentation, sharing the objectives and activities of UNIMONT, a university center dedicated to the mountains, as well as a strategic observatory for the mountain areas, Prof. Anna Giorgi, Dr. Danilo Bertoni and Dr. Matteo Carrer from UNIMONT presented the results of a survey conducted on the topic of young mountain entrepreneurs.

UNIMONT research has investigated the state of the art of youth-run businesses in the mountain areas of the Lombardy Region to outline the profile of entrepreneurs (motivation, choices, objectives, needs, proposals) and the business model proposed by their companies, also in order to understand what it means to “innovate” in the mountains and the extent of the economic and space potential for work in such areas.

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