Thesis proposal for 2 undergraduates (Reserved for students enrolled in the degree course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas).

In literature, the term “windthrow” is often used to define a phenomenon associated with a meteorological event linked to exceptional winds and/or snowfall that cause extensive and large damage to the vegetation sector. Among the most common types of damage caused to plants, the complete overturning of the plant and of the relative root system without some types of breakage is certainly the most frequent.

The thesis proposal is for students of the degree course in “Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas“, will take place over a period of 8 months and will require the undergraduate to improve their skills in data collection, in application of specific models already previously developed and in the use of statistical analyzes to determine differences and/or similarities in the data collected. Undergraduates will be asked to select specific areas regarding the problem described, and to organize and conduct simple field and laboratory measurements. Ability to work independently and problem solving skills will be necessary for completing the work.

Required skills: use of GIS (QGis) and GoogleEarth systems, basics of programming languages ​​(Microsoft Excel, R, MATLAB), bases of applied botany and forest management.

Università della Montagna

Alessio Cislaghi

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