Mountain horticulture and wool mulching

The internship will take place in Valtellina and in collaboration with UNIMONT and LEGAMBIENTE VALCHIAVENNA. The following activities are planned:

• to assist the non-profit association Legambiente Valchiavenna in its activities to promote the use of pastures and mountain horticulture through the educational garden of the association itself.

• to follow the activities of horticulture and the experimentation of mulching using wool in some Valtellina farms which produce saffron.

Wool, from a resource, has turned into a special type of waste but some farmers are rediscovering its value as a natural fertilizer and mulch which is free of cost and locally available. The main activity of the internship is the evaluation of the effectiveness of recycling and of the alternative uses of special wool-waste as mulching for gardens and crops.


Luca Giupponi

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