Floristic and nutritional evaluation of hay meadows and hay

URGENT: an internship to be carried out in Val Trompia (BS) for the floristic and nutritional evaluation of meadows used for hay production and the hay itself.

The work to be carried out, in agreement with the Comunità Montana della Val Trompia, will be to monitor the qualitative and quantitative production of the hay produced in the typical production area of ​​the Nostrano-Valtrompia PDO cheese, and to study production potential, the problems connected and possible improvement actions for sustainable future development.

Students will have to carry out floristic relevès on meadows and re-shoots, distributed during the hay-making season (May-September), with collection of samples of fresh grass and hay for a subsequent nutritional evaluation.

For obvious logistic reasons students should preferably be resident in the area or surrounding area, and be able to use their own car.

Val Trompia (BS)

Prof. Alberto Tamburini

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