9 November 2017


The annual award entitled “Giuseppe Pastori” was awarded to the most deserving figures in the agricultural world on Saturday, 11th November, in the Main Hall of the Istituto Agrario in Brescia. Winners included Stefania Reali and Simone Frassini, two entrepreneurs who studied at the Mountain University – Edolo Campus of the University of Milan.

The Pastori Award, this year in its 14th edition, organized by Fondazione ONLUS Istituzioni Agrarie Raggruppate, is aimed at all those in the province of Brescia who have produced studies and performed research introducing cultivation or production techniques with obvious and positive effects on the agricultural sector in the province of Brescia.

The first three winning innovators this year are a Professor, a student enrolled in the first year of Agricultural Science and Technology and a farm – “Cosa tiene accese le stelle” is the farm belonging to Stefania Reali and Simone Frassini, two Mountain University graduates who decided to set up their own business starting completely from scratch. As well as preparing land and planting small fruits, they began with the cultivation of vegetables and legumes and beekeeping. They sell genuine local products also online with home delivery.

UNIMONT is proud to announce that two of our students have won this prestigious award, thanks to their tenacity in undertaking a path not without obstacles they have succeeded in fulfilling their dream, cultivating the land of the mountains they love.

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