Creation of the multifunctional pole for the environmental and tourist enhancement of the Adamello Park

The project is divided into a first phase of analysis of the context and situation in Valsaviore, a second phase of involvement of the population through interviews, questionnaires and plenary events open to the whole community for the construction of a common participatory strategy, with the aim of making the inhabitants of the valley the main promoters of a new way of living Valsaviore.

The objectives of the project are the development and increase of the tourism sector in line with sustainable modes through the establishment of a multifunctional pole in the municipality of Cevo and the definition of system actions aimed at the promotion and animation of the pole itself with innovative initiatives consistent with the vocations of the Valsaviore area.

For the purposes of the project in October 2019, the Val.Te.Mo. Association organised a marketing course at the UNIMONT centre. With the support of professionals from the Milan-based Periskop agency, the participants worked on and developed a marketing plan and development of attractive activities in relation to the characteristics of Valsaviore. The trainees were divided into three distinct groups for the development of three different projects.


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