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Mountain University services

In this section you can find a number of valid and reliable tools to set up or follow a project, you can find an organization or a researcher competent on specific issues regarding mountain areas and you can ask UNIMONT for technical and professional support.

Seminars and webinars

In the Seminars and Webinars area, Unimont offers free access to workshops and events organized in Edolo or in other Universities and locations thanks to the virtual classroom. All contents are available on demand and are regularly updated.

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Mountain entrepreneurs

The Mountain University promotes a new approach to mountain activities and professions: with a modern, competitive and more pragmatic methodology. It provides students with know-how and specific skills to develop projects and activities that enhance mountain areas by transforming them into resources for young entrepreneurs.

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The Mountain University constantly updates the section dedicated to legislation regarding mountain areas, so that professionals, administrators and researchers can find analytical references and laws regarding mountain areas promulgated at provincial, regional, national and European levels.

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Mountain Calls

The Mountain University constantly monitors calls regarding mountain areas in a regional, national and international context, providing information for planners. It is interested in all those who wish to propose quality projects covering topics of interest.

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Unimont is proactive in valorising mountain products thanks to research activities, analysis and certifications.

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Virtual class

Unimont has been providing its seminars and post-degree courses via blended learning since 2013 in order to reach students and teachers throughout the world. The virtual classroom is an efficient tool to share knowledge and best practices.

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Interesting activities and resources

Unimont provides a website and newsletter about mountain issues.

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In this section you can find job opportunities in mountain area, in Italy and abroad.

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(Ita) In questa sezione, l'Università della Montagna, raccoglie le aziende agricole o gli agricoltori che coltivano varietà vegetali nei territori montani, per fa emergere le potenzialità agrobiologiche delle montagne. La sezione è dedicata al progetto di ricerca NETWORK DELL’AGROBIODIVERSITÀ DELLE MONTAGNE LOMBARDE.

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Edolo Sports Day: a great day of sport for all ages

Sport was the main attraction in Edolo for a whole day on Wednesday, 10th  April, with the second edition of Edolo Sports Day, the sports...


OPEN DAY 2019 – Mountain University

The Open Day of the Degree Course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas will take place on Saturday 18th May 2019 at 10:00...


3rd graduation session of the academic year 2017/2018 of the Degree Course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas

Twelve students graduated in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas on Wednesday 10th April 2019, at the Mountain University in Edolo. Bertazzoli Sara (Villa...


The Re-Search Alps dataset is now available in the European Data Portal!

Since March 26th, 2019, the Re-Search Alps – Research Laboratories in the Alpine Area dataset, which contains information on 125.649 Research Centers,Laboratories and SMEs, 257.248...



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catlist_istituzionaliThe Unimont logo distinguishes all educational and research initiatives, developed and/or approved by the Mountain University, which aim at a sustainable development and enhancement of mountain areas compatible with environmental, social and economic conservation.

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