Collaboration agreement between the Lombardy Region and Gesdimont, for scientific and applied research activities and the diffusion of knowledge about the lombardy mountains

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To guarantee the technical-scientific support and the territorial linking and networking activities necessary in order to encourage the promotion of research, training, experimentation and study activities for the development and enhancement of the mountain territory in line with European and current nationals (ie EUSALP, SNAI);
    Plan and promote research, study, testing and training activities, also on European programs and funds, to be carried out in close synergy with the Regional Authority;
  • Strengthen study, research and experimentation activities in the context of strategic sectors for the economic development of Lombardy mountain areas in line with regional policies and European programming;
  • Promote technology transfer and encourage entrepreneurial development, especially of youth enterprises, in mountain areas, through: – the strengthening and promotion of the launch of information and qualification activities for human capital in the strategic sectors for the economic development of the territories montani and the identification and promotion of best practices and assistance activities;
  • Promote adequate information and dissemination of knowledge on mountain issues, programs and measures for financing activities and, in support of the application of regional policies for the development of mountain areas, disseminate through their communication tools (national network and international university of the mountain which has more than 13,000 active contacts and which is animated by sending press releases, newsletters, streaming activities and the portal), regulations, regional, national and community calls, with particular attention to those concerning innovative enterprises and youth entrepreneurship, also in the agricultural and rural sector;
  • Plan and activate the capacity building processes of the local government bodies in relation to the qualification, updating and improvement of human capital, the strategies for formulating the strategies and the organizational and management structure of the bodies themselves. These paths may also be undertaken through the use of tools and methods of remote delivery and the capitalization of the didactic experiences carried out so far such as those concerning project management for mountain areas.

Funding Body
Lombardy Region
Start Year
End Year

Anna Giorgi, Emanuela Zilio

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