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Prize for the best theses regarding the so-cio-economic development of mountain areas

As part of the activities for the project for the study and design of a smart valley and a green community, prizes will be awarded for the best theses on issues related to the development of mountain areas, with particular reference to smart and green forms for the benefit of Alpine territories. Uncem Piedmont – the Union of mountain Municipalities and Institutions – as part...

3/10/2017   ·  Editorials

Unimont takes part in the event “Boario Terme in Flower”

Unimont, represented by Professor Anna Giorgi, took part in the event “Darfo Boario Terme in Flower”, on 22nd April 2017. The Boario Spa Park hosted the 7th edition of the flower show “ Darfo Boario Terme in Flower” on 22nd and 23rd April 2017. This year the Mountain University was present with a dedicated space and a speech by Professoressa Anna Giorgi at the conference on Saturday, 22nd...

3/10/2017   ·  Editorials

Macro-Regional Innovation Week 26-30 September 2016 Trieste (Italy)

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8/3/2016   ·  Institutionals   ·  Research   ·  Services

The end of the first step of Project Alvina: “ALpine VIrtual NAtion”

Hiking all over the Alps in two steps: the first step from Trieste to Edolo, the second one from Ventimiglia to Edolo, forming an ideal curly bracket centered on the Università della Montagna di Edolo, Val Camonica, Italy

7/28/2016   ·  Institutionals

LetterAltura 2016

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6/16/2016   ·  Services


Enrolment now open for the PHD course in Environmental Sciences. There is time untill 6th July 2016. The PhD course in Environmental Sciences provides a highly multidisciplinary training for the study of environmental complexity. The course aims at fostering the interdisciplinary integration of Natural Sciences, including physics, biology and Earth sciences, with veterinary and agricultural sciences, medicine and pharmacology. PhD students will be trained in...

6/10/2016   ·  Teaching

Anna Giorgi speaker at WIRE 2016 for the Vanguard Initiative

The Vanguard Initiative - new growth through smart specialisation is hosting a session at the WIRE 2016 Conference (Eindhoven, 9 June 2016). Under the topic “Cross-regional collaboration for new industrial value chains : lessons from experience and needs for the future”, the session will aim at sharing various experiences in cross-regional collaboration for industrial transformation, identifying bottlenecks and emerging needs, and paving the way towards future policy...

6/6/2016   ·  Editorials

Swiss-Austrian Mountain Workshop 2016

Register now for the Swiss-Austrian Mountain Workshop 2016 The Programme of the Mountain Workshop 2016 has found its final form! The Swiss-Austrian Mountain Workshop 2016 will cover topics such as the Strategic Research Agenda ‘Mountains for Europe’s Future’; Energy Research in the Alps; Current mountain research in Slovenia: mountain farming, natural hazards, and protected areas; Acceptance, identification and engagement in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves present success stories...

5/19/2016   ·  Services

Infectious Disease – European Grant Writing Workshop

Infectious Disease European Grant Writing Workshop 27th June – 2nd July 2016 The workshop aims to bring together infectious disease researchers from across Europe to discuss and / or draft EU grant applications. If you have ideas or skills that may contribute to a bid, or have part formed consortia that you want to expand, then we would like to hear from you. The week-long...

5/19/2016   ·  Research   ·  Services

Green infrastructure – New Challenges for Urban Landscape Planning

EUSALP Action group 7 co-leads kindly invite you to join the international conference ”Green infrastructure – New Challenges for Urban Landscape Planning” in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 17th of May 2016. Download the programme. Registration is mandatory and now possible (click HERE).

5/10/2016   ·  Services

CONVEGNO NAZIONALE: Comunicare una “nuova” cultura della Montagna

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5/4/2016   ·  Editorials   ·  Services

Memento mori: rituals, image and collective imagination of death in the Alps

Memento mori: rituals, image and collective imagination  of death in the Alps The Valle Camonica Historical and Anthropological Society announces that is open the Call for Papers for the I.S.T.A. 2016 theme «Memento mori. Rituals, image and collective imagination of death in the Alps». The texts must describe cases of social and artistic aspects, beliefs and traditions associated with death in Alpine area. Organizations, associations,...

5/4/2016   ·  Research   ·  Services

Abruzzo in Tour

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4/21/2016   ·  Services

European Week of Regions and Cities 2016 Master Class

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4/12/2016   ·  Teaching   ·  Institutionals   ·  Research   ·  Services

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