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Macro-Regional Innovation Week 26-30 September 2016 Trieste (Italy)

03/08/2016 13:29   ·  Istituzionali   ·  Ricerca   ·  Servizi

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UNIMONT students on a trip to Rieti

From 20th to 23rd June, students of the Mountain University – the  Edolo Campus of the University of Milan- will be in Rieti for a field trip: 35 UNIMONT students have decided to take part and many activities have been arranged on “mountain topics.” Thirty-five students of the first, second and third year of the degree course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas of the...

20/6/2017   ·  Istituzionali

(Ita) Esami di stato di abilitazione professionale anno 2017

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17/5/2017   ·  Istituzionali

UNIMONT at the multidisciplinary workshop “Rock and Stone: Material Culture and Practical Culture”

There will be a conference entitled “Rock and Stone: Material Culture and Practical Culture” organized by Nature, Art & Habitat (NAHR), with the patronage of various national and/or regional institutions and the partnership of the Val Taleggio Ecomuseum on 2nd, 3rd ,4th  and 10th, 11th  June, in Val Taleggio (Bergamo) The main focus of the workshop in the 2017 edition is the Rock of the...

16/5/2017   ·  Istituzionali

The Mountain University at the “Mountain areas: green Infrastructure for innovation and development” conference

On Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Anna Giorgi of the Mountain University in  Edolo will attend the conference organized by LUMSA – Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta, with the patronage of the Italian Geographic Society.  The “Mountain areas: green infrastructure for  innovation and development” conference aims to gather together all those who are interested in mountain areas, therefore  the key figures  in government and politics, stakeholders in...

28/4/2017   ·  Istituzionali
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