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Mountain culture and science: UNIMONT coordinates the work table of the General Convention on Mountain Areas dedicated to training and research to relaunch mountain areas

13/02/2019 16:11

Table 6 “Mountain culture and science” set up on October 16th during the General Convention on Mountain Areas and convened by the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Sen. Erika Stefani was held on Friday 8th February, at the University of Milan, with the aim of gathering contributions to define a strategy that sees Italian mountain areas as a place of potential generation of wealth able to promote growth and development.

UNIMONT – Center of Excellence of the University of Milan, which hosts specific training activities and promotes and develops research activities, technology transfer and dissemination of scientific knowledge, coordinated the discussion, focusing on suggestions and ideas concerning training and scientific culture aimed at innovation in Italian mountain areas. The table was attended by 28 participants represented by nine Universities, five Regions, three Research Centers, two Trade Associations, two Local Development and Territorial Promotion Agencies, a supra-regional Governance Body and a business incubator.

Networking, promoting specific training, disseminating scientific knowledge, sharing good practices: these are the strategic actions proposed to relaunch the future of Italian mountain areas. It is, therefore, necessary to create good coordination and a consolidated network formed by the university world, public administrations, businesses and the general public, which is able to bring together skills and knowledge, making use of innovative technologies that facilitate the dissemination and sharing of experience in order to implement concrete actions for the development of mountain areas, at a national level.

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