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ITALIAN MOUNTAIN LAB: the next training and information initiatives for mountain areas

28/03/2019 16:43

The partnership of the Italian Mountain Lab project, FISR project – Special supplementary fund for MIUR research – led by the UNIMONT center of excellence, and which sees the University of Milan, the University of Eastern Piedmont Milan and the University of Tuscia working together for the mountain areas of Italy, proposes the joint programming of part of the training and information activities planned for the academic year 2018/2019.

These are seminar activities that will take place at all three universities, two in the Alpine area and one in the Apennine area, accredited seminars for university students, which deal with high impact issues for the socio-economic development of mountain areas, with particular attention to the experiences of youth entrepreneurship in the mountains.

All the activities have been designed to be used on site, but also remotely, from PC and mobile devices, thanks to provision via streaming and a virtual classroom. Access to the virtual classroom is simple and immediate, and can be made simply by clicking on a link that will be available on the day of the seminar, through specific communication sent to all contacts on the UNIMONT mailing list.

You can see the recorded seminars by clicking here.

Participation in the activities is open to all and free. Join the mailing list and enter the dynamic world of Italian Mountain Lab!


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