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09/07/2019 15:22

A meeting dedicated to the theme of young people who choose to study, live and work in the mountains and to the importance of the research, networking and territorial development activities carried out by UNIMONT, was held at the University of Milan UNIMONT Centre located in Edolo (BS) on Monday 8th July.

More than 90 people attended the event organized at the UNIMONT Centre in Edolo, to reaffirm the importance of the specific training and research activities for the mountains that the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Centre carries out at a local, national and European level. The meeting was attended by Prof. Elio Franzini, Rector of the University of Milan as well as representatives of local authorities who have invested in human capital and innovation for the development of mountain areas since the creation of the centre in 1996. Numerous Italian mountain stakeholders also participated.

Prof. Elio Franzini, Rector of the University of Milan, underlined the importance of the work carried out in mountain areas by the UNIMONT Center, renewing the commitment of the University of Milan to consolidate this process. The role of the centre for mountain territorial development was at the focus of speeches by the representatives of local authorities: Luca Masneri, Mayor of Edolo; Guido Galperti, Vice President of the Province of Brescia, and Gigliola Spelzini, President of the Lombardy Region Special Mountain Commission. Finally, Professor Claudia Sorlini, Vice President of the Cariplo Foundation, emphasized the development model carried out over the years by UNIMONT and the increasingly evident need to capitalize on this unique experience throughout Italy.

Professors, researchers, students and UNIMONT graduates then presented objectives, scenarios and new opportunities for the mountains, underlining the crucial role of the Unimont Centre and focusing on its uniqueness and ability to network, create “communities” and innovate through the use of technology and an innovative strategy. Anna Giorgi – coordinator of the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center – illustrated the main projects and activities carried out by the UNIMONT Center starting from a local up to an international level: a pioneering experience which should be consolidated and strengthened in order to create a national platform for the conservation of the country’s mountain areas. Gianbattista Bischetti, coodinator of the Degree Course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas, also presented the results achieved through the training offered by UNIMONT – unique in Italy.

During the day the University-School alliance and the initiatives of the #FuturaItalia project carried out by the Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR, in collaboration with the UNIMONT centre as part of the Italian Mountain project Lab FISR project, MIUR special supplementary fund for research were also presented: the hackathons of Italian schools dedicated to sustainable development in mountain areas. The initiative will end with an international marathon “MOUNTAIN-HACK #EUSALP_2019″ which will take place as part of the EUSALP Annual Forum in November

Stefano Bruno Galli, Councillor for Autonomy and Culture of the Lombardy Region; Alessandro Panza, Member of the European Parliament; Giulio Centemero, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the XVIII legislature and Giuseppe Donina, Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the XVIII legislature concluded the event and outlined future scenarios for the development of mountain areas.

A recording of the event is available at the following link: click here


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