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3rd graduation session of the academic year 2017/2018 of the Degree Course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas

10/04/2019 15:13

Twelve students graduated in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas on Wednesday 10th April 2019, at the Mountain University in Edolo.

  • Bertazzoli Sara (Villa Di Serio, BG) – Enhancement of the high trail “Via del Silter”
  • Calvetti Michele (Berzo Demo, BS) – Evaluation of peak flow in small mountain basins: the case of the Re stream (Valle Camonica, BS)
  • Cavalleri Federico (Erbusco, BS) – Analysis of root distribution of Betula pendula (Roth) after a fire: two cases in Canton Ticino (Switzerland)
  • Ferrari Filippo (Bormio, SO) – Evaluation of the age of deer: comparison between the standard method and dichotomous keys
  • Gilardi Ilaria (Valgreghentino, LC) Evaluation of the experimental varieties of apples grown in Valtellina in the three-year period 2016-2018
  • Granata Riccardo (Viggiù VA) – Study of the fish population of two alpine lakes in the Adamello Brenta natural park
  • Gregorini Monica (Vezza D’Oglio, BS) Evaluation of the sustainability and impact of mountain livestock farms
  • Lancianese Michelle (Bedonia, PR) – Assessment of the erosion risk of mountain environment soils managed for winter sports
  • Macobatti Simone (Torbole Casaglia BS) – The enhancement of fruit chestnut groves: experiences in the municipality of Serle (BS)
  • Menegato Nicola (Desenzano Del Garda BS) – Verification of the efficacy of a mineral product against Cydia pomonella and Venturia inaequalis in apple trees
  • Molinari Davide Maria (Peschiera Borromeo, MI) – Update and integration of the database of Lombardy plant agrobiodiversity
  • Vertua Francesco (Chiari, BS) – Proposals for the sustainable development of the Valsaviore

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