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EUSALP Annual Forum 2019 – Thematic Workshop. The Alps: a unique laboratory for sustainable development models

30/10/2019 14:56

Milano – 29th november 2019, 8.45-10.15am: In the framework of EUSALP’s 2019 Annual Forum a thematic workshop on the role of mountain in National Strategic Agendas will take place.

EUSALP’s region includes important and industrialized cities, but is also characterized by the presence of the Alps, a relevant mountain range that lies in the heart of the European Union. The workshop will focus on the challenge of valorizing this uniqueness, presenting this area as a special “living lab” where to find out and experiment actions and approaches useful to elaborate “sustainable development models”.These sustainable models should aim at improving the region’s competitiveness and territorial cohesion, bridging the gap between cities and small alpine villages, reducing human impact and valorizing natural resources. Researchers, entrepreneurs, representatives from public administration and civil society will discuss on the role mountains can play in the third millennium and how EUSALP, its Regions and States could contribute.

Milan, Italy
29th November 2019
8.45 a.m. – 10.15 a.m

Register here: link


The workshop will represent a concrete working session on the role mountains could play at the European level, in an historical period requiring urgently the definition of new development models, based on the principles of sustainability, for which mountains could be a unique and strategic laboratory. The main challenge now is to underline this opportunity to policy makers and public institutions in order to convince them to give more attention to the role of Mountains in their National Strategic Agendas which are currently being discussed, in view of the next European programming period. During the workshop participants will be divided according to the quadruple-helix system (Academia, Business, Governance, Civil Society) in order to gain important notions from each group. The four different groups will work to define a set of priorities and key motivations as to why their State/Region have to include mountains in the National Strategic Plan. In order to aid the discussion, the tools developed by the Action Group 1 will be utilized: the interactive tool to map the governance in the Research and Innovation field in the EUSALP area and Re-Search Alps, the platform that maps R&I centers and their competences in the 7 Alpine Region Countries. Finally, all the four groups will discuss the set of priorities in order to identify a common one which will be then presented to the EUSALP’s General Assembly.

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