4 April 2018

EDOLO SPORT DAY – Sport in the mountains on 11th April

Sport becomes a focus point in Edolo. Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Milan and the CUS Statale, the first Edolo Sport Day took place on 11th April. The municipality in the province of Brescia promotes sport for secondary school students both of middle and high schools, as well as university students present in the area.

In the morning, students of middle and high schools challenged each other in the internal competitions of the school sports project. This was followed by a conference held by the President of the Sports Committee of the University of Milan Professor Antonio La Torre and Roberto Codella, lecturer in the Undergraduate Course in Exercise Sciences at the University of Milan.

The conference dealt with the issue of doping and was an opportunity to present the project “Fight against doping”, started in Lombardy in 2000, and an initiative of ASSITAL (Italian Light Athletics Association) supported by the Regional Committee Fidal Lombardia with the aim of raising the awareness of high school students regarding the phenomenon of doping in sport, and of clarifying a topic often dealt with in a difficult and confusing way.

The program of the sports day continued and ended in the afternoon with the Edolo stage of the Faculty Championships, the largest sporting event of the University of Milan, established with the aim of combining culture and sport. Students of the Faculty of Agriculture took the field, ready to fight in the preliminary phase of the tournament that will elect the 2018 University Faculty Champion on 26th May.[:]

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