On Wednesday 21st June 2017, Professor Marcello Duranti started the 2nd stage Alvina Project – from Edolo to Montecarlo –  that will lead him to complete the crossing of the Alpine Region. The Mountain University – the Edolo campus of the University of Milan – has been the starting point and it will follow Duranti during his trekking.

ALVINA PROJECT is a 1500 km trek, through the Alps which aims to emphasis a unique region in the world: the Alps. In 2016, Marcello Duranti walked from Opricina to Edolo and now he left from Edolo to arrive to Montecarlo. The Mountain University and Edolo have an important role for this long trek, not only due to their strategic position, but also because they demonstrate how culture and science can contribute to enhancing this region of the world.

For that reason, UNIMONT has decided to follow and be in contact with the professor, by tracking is trek among the 48 regions, trough the Via Alpina, by using an interactive map which will be uploaded with photos and thoughts about this wonderful experience.

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