Great success for the “Youth4Mountains” international seminar series: this is the context in which the students of the new MOUNTAINSIDE course will build their professionalism

May 2022, Youth4Mountains has just ended: a series of 3 international workshops dedicated to youth entrepreneurship in mountain areas which saw the participation of young people from mountain ranges all over the world. A perfect example of the “glocal” and innovative approach on which the new MOUNTAINSIDE master’s degree course is based, at the UNIMONT centre of the University of Milan.

The “Youth4Mountains” webinar series was a great success, with young people from all over the world able to share ideas and draw inspiration from real experiences of innovative mountain youth entrepreneurship. There were three meetings, dealing with the themes of multifunctional agriculture, sustainable tourism and technology related to mountains. The series of workshops involved more than 150 young people from the mountainous regions of 24 different countries, from the Himalayas to the Andes, making tangible the “glocal” dimension of the new MOUNTAINSIDE master’s degree course at the Unimont campus of the University of Milan. A dimension capable of reconciling specific local frameworks with the challenges posed by a wider context.

This is an approach that will be part of the wealth of skills on which the students of the course in Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas will be able to draw, to train as specialists in the enhancement and sustainable development of mountain territories. In fact, future graduates will be able to implement entrepreneurial strategies and valorize mountain resources, applying digital technologies and communication methods to networking and strategic marketing. Added to these perspectives is the ability to contribute to the design, creation and promotion of unique products and/or services of economic and/or social value deriving from the environmental and agroforestry resources of mountain areas.

A training course with a multidisciplinary orientation which, thanks to the international network of collaboration active at the Unimont Centre of the University of Milan, will allow future students to become expert professionals of mountain areas with a systemic approach.

The location map of the speakers at the second seminar:



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