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30/07/2019 08:03

As part of the National Strategy for Internal Areas, the Lombardy Region, together with the Alto Oltrepò Pavese inland area, is promoting a call in support of those who intend to create a start-up or undertake freelance activities in the internal area of the Lombardy Apennines – Alto Oltrepò Pavese, by allocating 1.1 million euros.

The call has the objective of supporting young people in business Start-up processes in the territory of the internal area of the Lombardy Apennines – Alto Oltrepò Pavese area, which includes the Municipalities of Bagnaria, Borgoratto Mormorolo, Brallo di Pregola, Fortunago, Menconico, Montesegale, Ponte Nizza, Rocca Susella, Romagnese, Santa Margherita di Staffora, Val di Nizza, Colli Verdi, Varzi, Zavattarello and is aimed at entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, or aspiring freelancers, individually or also in partnership.

“Bet on our territory,” declared the president of the Comunità Montana Giovanni Palli, “to experiment new business ideas or freelance activities and you will find a community, aware and connected (1 hour from Milan and from the main urban centers), that has made rediscovery and innovation the focus for its medium-term development strategy “.

The measure in support of SMEs and Start-Ups is part of the broader context of the Internal Areas Strategy, which has seen UNIMONT – the Mountain University, Center of Excellence of the University of Milan located in Edolo (Bs), a key actor alongside local people with support activities for drafting projects and strategic documents, which sees multiple types of intervention connected to rediscovery and innovation that intersect sectors which are strategic for territorial development such as tourism promotion, social innovation, high level professional training, self-entrepreneurship and mobility.

The benefits for those who intend to start a new business in Alto Oltrepò are many, as defined by the Lombardy Region Resolution n. 1504 dated 11/04/2019 and decree 10212 dated 11th July 2019, both regarding financial contributions and the types of expenses eligible as well as developable business ideas.

Here are some details:

  • Total financing: € 1,100,000.00;
  • Deadline for applications: 10th December 2019;
  • Beneficiaries: MSMEs established no more than 24 months previously (with the exception of the agricultural sector), or aspiring entrepreneurs (as individuals or associated), or, freelancers (as individuals or associated) or aspiring freelancers;
  • Financial support: 50%, for a maximum grant of € 80,000 and a minimum investment of € 15,000.

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