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3rd October 2019 – REliVE-L: results and perspectives from traditional local cultivars on a global market

26/09/2019 12:50

The REliVE-L project aims to illustrate the traditional local varieties of both vegetables and cereals and pseudo-cereals as innovative products for their organoleptic characteristics to be rediscovered, the legislation useful for their registration and the problems of re-cultivation and creation of small local supply chains, in order to make this new sector of quality local products more competitive.

Giving a precise identity to these varieties and to the processed products derived from them can be useful to promote their cultivability (market or legal exchange of seeds) and to guarantee their better integration in the global market, as niche products, highly sought after by consumers careful about product quality. This territorial varietal identity, recognized by legislation (PAT, Conservation Variety, De.CO, Mountain Product, variety registered in the National Registry Office pursuant to Law 194/2015, etc.), thanks to correct tools and appropriate knowledge, can in fact open up new commercial opportunities.

Therefore this final event is organized with the participation of the National Institute of Rural Sociology (INSOR) to illustrate, also from a historical and cultural point of view, the territorial products of Lombardy, the tools useful for their exploitation, as well as the appropriate “Product identity” to be presented on the market. To this end, Symbiotiqua, a company based in Milan that collaborates with INSOR and has already taken care of the image of some agricultural products (tomatoes and corn), for a better approach to the “quality market”, is also participating.

The final conference is open not only to farmers, but also to the general public.

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