28 January 2020

26-30 gennaio 2020 – UNIMONT ospita la terza CellFit Training School:  “Meet the rising stars of emerging therapies”  – from 3D Bioprinting to Extracellular Vesicle isolation and encapsulation for delivery

The Mountain University – UNIMONT, centre of excellence of the University of Milan based in Edolo, also this year will host the international Training School organized by CellFit and entitled “Meet the rising stars of emerging therapies”, which sees the participation of researchers from all over Europe. UNIMONT, increasingly at the centre of international dynamics and trajectories which interest the world of research and innovation, has been able to transform decentralization into an opportunity, offering well-equipped spaces and on-site support to an important initiative for research and innovation.

The third Training School organized by CellFit Meet the rising stars of emerging therapies” From 3D Bioprinting to Extracellular Vesicle isolation and encapsulation for delivery, will be held at UNIMONT- Mountain University and Ponte di Legno from 26th to 30th January 2020. During the four-day course, selected researchers will be able to participate in theoretical lessons and practical workshops held by European teachers, experts in the design and printing of 3D platforms and in the use of micro-vesicles to be used in therapy.

CellFit is a European network of excellence (COST Action CA16119) led by the University  of Milan, with expertise at all levels in biology, bioengineering and clinical research. The project consists of a network of 34 European countries – involving universities, research centres and small and medium-sized enterprises – committed to creating models of culture on 3D matrices and generating organoids for the development of new cell therapy technologies and innovative applications in regenerative medicine and tissue biology.

Chairperson of the Action is Tiziana Brevini, professor of Veterinary Anatomy and Embryology of Milan University and proponent of the project. CellFit has been selected from over a thousand proposals from all over Europe, as a new COST Action, European Cooperation in Science and Technology for the four-year period 2017-2021 and will be implementing cooperation, scientific research and technological innovation.

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